(Hence why I went with the FNS-9c, and with two 12-rd and a 17-rd magazine that comes with it, its heck of a deal!). I'm also a big fan of Beretta's rifles for the same reason. Best Tactical Rifle Stag 15 Tactical LH QPQ 7" Complete Rifle 5.56 chambering, tactical style $1139 at Stag Arms Jump to Details Best Revolver Charter Arms Southpaw .38 SPL, right-open cylinder $340 at Kentucky Gun Co Jump to Details Best Semi-Auto Pistol Heckler & Koch VP9 Ambi features, 9mm chambering $559 at GrabAGun Jump to Details Theres even a single-shot youth rifle in .243 Win with a 22-inch barrel and lesser length of pull, which is also ideal for any small-framed shooters and not just youngsters. Maybe someone out there might know of an altered Glock-compatible frame set up this way? Like the A-Bolt, the X-Bolt has a three-lug bolt with sliding tang safety. J, I'm not sure about that. That covers everything from oil-finished and high-gloss wood stocks all the way over to high-end synthetics in the latest camouflage patterns. I would be very interested in reading about any gunsmiths who can outfit these guns with ambi levers. There are few guns out there that are truly lefty friendlybut dont worry, lefty models exist. Glock 19 and most of the others pistols are in no way real lefty pistols. The .257s 26-inch barrel launches an 80-grain Barnes TTSX bullet at 3,800 fps, making it one of the hardest-hitting, flattest-shooting varmint guns in the world. In fact, Weatherbys website answers a frequently asked question about just that, clearly stating that Mark V rifles in Magnum 9 Lug Actions can be ordered as a left-hand model.. I will definitely check the APX centurion out! The left-hand version was introduced at the 2022 SHOT Show. The Savage Arms Model 110, the company's bread-and-butter bolt-action rifle, has long been respected for its blend of affordability and accuracy. The 4-inch barreled, 24-ounce, 18-round 9mm hits most of the buttons where southpaw pistols are concerned. 32 Firearms. You either love them or hate them. I know I have one. Frustrated lefty here, i opted for a Beretta Arx 100 in 556 for my AR type rifle. Serial number- R1-003800. What are your favorite gun models? I could spend this whole writing venture on that storied company alone. Remington Society. Hand-Picked Daily GUN DEALS, and Exclusive Coupons Codes >>>. For rifles, I've built an AR-15 lower w/ full ambi controls. Maybe Pew Pew Tactical should actually do a review on it. Whether you need a hunting rifle or home defense gun, any of the above models would make a great addition to your gun safe. Publisher, Kevin Steele is with Brett Marquardt from Streamlight Inc. discussing the new Streamlight Pro Tac 2.0, the latest edition in the Pro Tac series. For my handguns I like my Glocks (G19 gen5 & G45) well enough. ARs are not a problem either - we just adapt when the controls arent ambi. Though were talking rifles today, its worth noting that the LEF-T is also available in Pistol models. Area Code: 303. Satin walnut checkered stock, matte blue barrel and action, detachable rotary magazine, short throw bolt and adjustable trigger FIND A DEALER TO PURCHASE $1,129.99 - $1,179.99 MSRP Overview Specifications Downloads Recommended New Pahvant Pro Jacket $179.99 New Pahvant Pro Pant $99.99 New The initial left-hand 10/22 is only available from the Ruger Custom Shop, so it starts life as a seriously upgraded .22: Heavy fluted barrel with muzzle brake; synthetic stock with adjustable cheek rest; semi-beavertail fore-end with finger grooves. My personal favorite rifle I currently own is a Tikka T3 Scout CTR. Also Charging handle slides through to the other side (thru the ejection port) if one needs to change from one side to another. Maybe another reader who has more experience with one can help us out here. 2. (Example, the Ruger cross-bolt safety works backwards for me). I dont even think about it. Bolt-action rifle for left-handed hunters. Theres no palm swell to muddy the waters. That is truly an unforgettable experience! Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced . Some big news for trigger pullers recently from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. It takes a mere minutes to swap frames and that is the only thing you have to do. AND YES, it is so nice to have that BLAST and HOT BRASS going away from my face. The only RH gun I ever got rid of was my Tavor because the brass was hitting me in the chin, burning me and causing occasional jambs. Rifles Left Handed Department Pistols Left Handed Rifles Left Handed Shotguns Left Handed Caliber 17 HMR (3) 22 WMR (3) 22-250 Remington (3) 223 Remington (4) 22LR (19) 243 Winchester (6) 25-06 Remington (2) 257 Weatherby Magnum (3) 270 Winchester (4) 270 WSM (1) 30-06 Springfield (5) 300 PRC (3) 300 Weatherby Magnum (3) 300 Win Mag (5) 300 WSM (1) Left handed bolt actions, Stag Arms and the Mini 14 safety in the trigger guard. Barrels are 28-inches, with three choke tubes provided (all for both lead and steel). I like the paddle style mag release too. Yes, I know you can have a left-hand bolt installed, but I opted to swap the Tavor for a CZ Bren - another right handed rifle. He lives in rural Indiana where he has a backyard target range. This is what you get when a right handed person tries to decide what's best for you.The two best options a completely ambidextrious, and a gun designed specifically for left handed are the bottom of the list. Thanks for calling me on it! Worth mentioning that right-handed bolt-action guns are a bit easier to shoot by lefties than righty semi-autos the whiz-bang ejection of the empty case out of a semi-auto makes for interesting range trips. I have no issues shooting the Glock 17,19,43x or 48 left handed. Third, until very recently, most of us had to adapt to right handed designs when learning to shoot, and people tend to stick with what they're accustomed to, even when there are better choices available. Its most popular guns, the 870, 1100, 11-87, and VersaMax are all configured for lefties in a smattering of different gauges. The struggle is real. So a left-handed firearm only solves half of the issues. Sean took the PDP for a test drive. It has ambidextrous mag drop and thumb safety. Few lefties (me included), have ever handled a shotgun with proper cast. But the cream of the crop is the Gunsite Scout in .308. The 110 Magpul LH is a target version, with upgraded Magpul stock, Cerakote finish, and heavy 18-inch barrel. In a southpaw-accommodating design change, Henry singles use a break lever that pivots either left or right to open the action. I recently became the owner of the Axe 19 50 of 99, the frame is Gen 4, not able to switch the mag release and the slide lock is only on the left. I think I was tagged in the head once and started wearing ball caps after that. Springfield 1911s 45s Loaded and Range Officer Elite (both have ambi safeties) Ruger has been a good friend to we lefties, offering both the economical American and M77 bolt-action in mirror image versions. Browning Super Black eagle in left hand. MSRP: $889.00. I'm a regular reader of several firearm publications, but I didn't learn about Browning's left handed BAR's until two years after they'd been discontinued for "lack of interest." It isn't a takedown model but I've shot one of those and find it works pretty much as the standard model. There, I said it. Ejects downward so it's good for all. Introduced in 2009, the P-07 was their modern interpretation of the venerable CZ-75. So I just purchased my first handgun and also a southpaw. Its also proven to withstand 100,000 lbs./sq. While this is far from an exhaustive list, the following choices represent current-production, readily accessible, lefty-friendly rifles in bolts, levers, singles, and even semi-autos ranging from hunting and tactical designs to competition-ready rifles. Worth mentioning that the slide rides in the frame, not on it this lowers the bore axis, which can help with recoil and accuracy. Although appearance is similar, the X-Bolt is quite different from the older (and also excellent) A-Bolt, which was widely available in left-hand action. Can't understand why the righties insist I take the far-left position on the firing line. First, as the author pointed out, they generally stick to plain vanilla offerings. Learn all the important stuff about handgunswith none of the attitude. Same with the Sig 365. Fully left handed. Not only do they build bolt guns for most every type and style of hunting, but they include ample left-handed variants. In fact, the company dedicates a webpage to all their southpaw offerings, which includes major offerings like the Scout alongside more budget-friendly options from the Ruger American lineage. I wasted no time sending Ruger a check. The most economical of the three is the Franchi Affinity, a great shotgun. The companys nine-lug bolts are some of the strongest in the business. The company sells a left-eject bolt and swapping the ejection port cover completes the southpaw transformation. Our Best Deals Are Right Here. Like most lefties, I grew up with right-handed firearms. I thank you for the eye opening pice. The forward-mounted Picatinny rail lets shooters optimize the rifle to accommodate lights and lasers as they see fit and the built-in sighting system has an adjustable ghost ring rear aperture sight and a non-glare, protected blade front sight. Other factors outweigh that design feature. Like it so far (after a mod or two, cheek weld mainly). So, the industry complains of poor sales in this sector while ignoring the fact that they're the ones who've sabotaged those sales. For more information, visit, Comfort is enhanced thanks to the soft-rubber buttpad with spacers which allow the rifle to be appropriately sized for shooters of all sizes. Choose from a variety of calibers, barrel lengths, actions, and other options to find your one of a kind rifle. With the Gen 5, the company added a slide release to the right side of the frame and made the mag release reversible. Winchesters Super X series shotguns gained an enviable reputation for speed, in both handling and cycling. Mark, I agree. All Affinity shotguns have the shock-absorbing TSA recoil pad. . Department: Firearms > Bolt Action Rifles. Not just a snippet in another article. Comfort is enhanced thanks to the soft-rubber buttpad with spacers which allow the rifle to be appropriately sized for shooters of all sizes. Copyright 2023 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Kevin Steele from Petersen's HUNTING speaks to Jordan Egli of Burris Optics about the all-new Veracity PH Riflescope. For those of you who don't know, they have ambidextrous mag releases as well as the passive safeties on the butt and and trigger. Ejection and loading port and operating handle are oversize, allowing easy operation with gloves. Not so easy to teach an old dawg new tricks. Steyr offers a left-handed AUG bolt so that shooters can convert the rifle from right-handed to left-handed operation. This gun is powerful enough to down all sorts of . As we make purchasing decisions, we need to support the manufacturers who support us. Select what level shooter you are! Their chambers are just a touch larger to provide functioning and reliability with different ammo types, three mags are included, and the ambi slide release is very appreciated. Production was moved at various times in the companys history to Germany and then Japan. There arent too many teaching-type rifles for lefties, but the Rascal is one of the best. Even though my Springfield XDM isn't fully ambi, I do like its ergonomics enough to want to acquire an XDM Elite (which is full ambi). Seller: DENVER GUN ROOM. Are you a Southpaw? For the best shotgun fit, its ideal to have the buttstock bent or cast slightly away from the face.
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